Community and Two-Year College Transfer Guides for George Williams College of Aurora University

We have developed transfer guides designed to help you select courses at your current college if you are planning to transfer to George Williams College of Aurora University. Working with your current advisor and the Director of Academic Services at George Williams College, refer to this guide to determine courses that meet the George Williams College general education requirements, academic major and minor requirements, and electives. If you do not see your school listed, or have additional questions, send us an email at or call 262-245-8564.

George Williams College of Aurora University General Education Requirements

Aurora University General Education Requirements
(20 Semester Hours)
ENG 1000: First-Year Composition 4 hrs
IDS 1610: Being Human 4 hrs
IDS 2020: Trajectories of History 4 hrs
IDS 2030: Science and Society 4 hrs
IDS 3040: Global Justice 4 hrs

George Williams College of Aurora University Core Requirements (36 Semester Hours)
GWC 1000: GWC College Experience 4 hrs
GEN 1200: Mathematical Reasoning for Science and Management 4 hrs
GEN 1400: Media Studies, Technology and GWC 4 hrs
GEN 1500: Introduction to Research and Information Literacy 4 hrs
GEN 2300: Arts, Literature and Inquiry 4 hrs
SEN 1000: Powerful Way of Change 4 hrs
SEN 2000: Changing Lives and the World 4 hrs
SEN 3000: Implementation of the Real World 4 hrs
SEN 4000: Leading for the Future 4 hrs

SEN courses for transfer students with 30 or more semester hours:
SEN 3300: The Field and Skills of Entrepreneurship 1hr
SEN 3400: Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship 1hr
SEN 4300: Service Project and Analysis 1hr



    • Transfer students with an Associates (Arts and/or Science) degree or 60 or more credit hours will only be required to complete the SEN courses for Transfer Students.

    • Transfer students with 30-59 credit hours will be required to take IDS 2020: Trajectories of History OR IDS 2030: Science and Society, IDS 3040: Global Justice, SEN courses for Transfer Students,  and the George Williams College Core Requirements (except GWC 1000: GWC College Experience).

    • Transfer students with less than 30 credit hours will be required to complete all of the General Education requirements.

  • Transfer students will be allowed to use an equivalent transfer courses to meet the ENG 1000: First Year Composition and the George Williams College Core requirements, but there will not be transfer course equivalencies accepted for the IDS or SEN courses.

How to Use the Transfer Guide 

Note: All of the files linked below require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print documents.

At the top of each column of courses on the transfer guide you will see the following notations:

Course number and title: your college’s course number and title and the George Williams College equivalent

CR/HR: the number of credit or semester hours awarded for the course

IAI EQUIV: the course equivalency for the Illinois Articulation Initiative

GEN ED CAT: the George Williams College General Education category equivalency

GEN ED CRSE: the George Williams College General Education course equivalency

Some courses are transferable, but cannot be used in a major or to meet general education requirements. This coursework may be used as general elective credit to help complete the minimum 120 semester hours required for graduation. All 100 and 200 level courses will transfer in only as 1000 or 2000 level courses at George Williams College. Current George Williams College students must submit a prior approval form before registering for classes at another college.

Transfer Guides

Use the General Education Course Planning Sheet in conjunction with your school's transfer guide below.

School Transfer Guides:

Contact Information

If you have further questions about how your courses will transfer to George William College of Aurora University, please contact:

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