Through social entrepreneurship, George Williams endows students with the skills to make a difference, and inspires them to become leaders for social change.

Students will:

  • Develop ethics and accountability, as well as critical thinking skills, innovation, and business sense through a curriculum that marries concepts from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors
  • Apply skills learned in class to real-world situations, cementing their knowledge and aiding the local community
  • Strengthen community bonds, working alongside local residents
  • Gain self-efficacy by having a positive impact on social problems in their own backyard
  • Achieve a global perspective as they study societal challenges, solutions, and opportunities on an international level
  • Discover their passions and abilities through dynamic coursework that integrates disciplines and community service
  • Utilize ingenuity and daring, as they launch creative, accessible, and sustainable social entrepreneurial ventures
  • Graduate with volunteer and internship experience, as well as references and professional networks
  • Become competitive job applicants, as volunteer work gains increased stature on resumes and the nonprofit job sector continues to strengthen