Social entrepreneurship is about collaboration. At George Williams College we start within our own community. Our academic departments maintain partnerships with organizations that can benefit from our scholarly research and class participation and that can provide students with invaluable insight and experience.

These alliances work to: 

1. Enhance the George Williams educational experience. Students gain first-hand exposure to social problems within their own community and learn from professionals, working to provide solutions. Classroom assignments take on new meaning when applied to real people, and knowledge and skills are solidified.

2. Inspire creativity, confidence, and work ethic—the key elements of social entrepreneurship. Students see the problems faced by members of their community and are driven to help. Their ingenuity is fueled by passion, which is developed through collaboration and personal interaction with communities in need. 

3. Strengthen college/community relationships. There are innumerable benefits to positive relations between colleges and their communities: shared resources, civic engagement, economic development, honest and open communication, and, of utmost importance—a daily example to students of respect, collaboration, and inclusively.

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