At the George Williams College of Aurora University of Social Work, you’ll not only acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be a capable social worker, you’ll also have the tools you need to effect change in your community.

You’ll find our graduates at community centers, youth organizations, human services agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, housing and food programs, crisis centers and correctional facilities. And, you’ll find our alumni in competitive graduate programs, including our own Master of Social Work and Doctor of Social Work degrees.
Recommended for students who are outgoing, energetic, compassionate, open-minded and people-oriented as well as interested in social justice and/or helping and empowering people who are dealing with personal issues.


Prepare for potential careers as a(n):

  • Case Worker
  • Child Welfare/Children's Services Worker                      
  • Criminal Justice/Corrections Specialist     
  • Developmental Disabilities Specialist
  • Eligibility Specialist     
  • Food Stamp Administrator     
  • Health Care Specialist     
  • Intake Counselor
  • Policy & Planning Specialist
  • Policy Advocate
  • Prisons & Correctional Facilities Worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Research Analyst

Potential careers for graduates with additional education or experience:

  • Executive Director Social Service Agency
  • International Social Worker
  • Mental /Clinical Social Worker
  • Occupational Social Worker     
  • Policy Analyst
  • Professor/Teacher
  • Program Manager
  • School Social Worker       
  • Social Worker    
  • Substance Abuse Counselor


Open House and Visit Days
Saturday, February 2, 2019