Environmental Science and Sustainability

We are currently only accepting new transfer student applications for this program. Please contact the Office of Admission at 262-245-8564 or gwcadmission@gwc.aurora.edu for additional information.

As the world continues to explore and address the impact of environmental and human sustainability, it is important to provide a program that will give students the tools to deal with these critical issues in society. Our courses address a variety of topics, including air pollution, climate change, water and land resource change, energy production change, consumerism and societal needs for adaptation.

Such issues can cross environmental, economical and societal borders and it is important to look at these issues holistically. For these reasons, this program will take both an interdisciplinary and a multidisciplinary approach to environmental issues so that students may identify problems, propose solutions and inform others of such possible solutions.

This major focuses on academic content and allows students opportunities for experiential learning both in the community and in the unique landscape of George Williams College. As students reach the end of the program, opportunities for internships will allow further development in order to prepare the students for the workforce or for the rigors of graduate school.

After degree completion, students may pursue an environmental career in government, industry, public policy, advertising, environmental consulting, community development or urban and rural land-use planning. Students will also be well-prepared to pursue graduate studies in areas such as environmental law or environmental studies, advocacy, biology, education, management, policy and sustainability.
Open House and Visit Days
Friday, August 23, 2019
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