Student organizations support charitable projects

Through a second-year social entrepreneurship course, GWC students are experiencing a sense of fellowship and social responsibility by fundraising on a worldwide scale and adding an international dimension to their studies as global citizens. Two student teams have gathered to raise awareness and support Aurora University Assistant Professor of Social Work Jeffrey Bulanda and his efforts to provide support to schools in West Africa. As a Fulbright Scholar grant winner, Bulanda has created the Empowering Schools Initiative and with GWC students' help, will be able to enhance the schools with structural improvements, textbooks, school supplies, student tuition and a new library and computer facility.

“Fundraising for the schools in Sierra Leone makes the students aware and empathetic to suffering in another part of the world,” said Visiting Assistant Professor of Global Studies and Entrepreneurship Stephani Richards-Wilson. “The experience allows them to connect to social problems in West Africa, such as poverty and a lack of access to education.”

"The children in Sierra Leone are amazing because they are motivated to be someone in life regardless of the obstacles they have faced, " said student Chazz Robinson. "Learning about the children has encouraged me to work harder, and to not take things like education for granted."

Students will continue to raise funds through multiple on-campus events this semester.