Transfer student finds path to a future in parks and recreation at GWC


Senior Parks and Recreation major Emma Edmondson began a career path on a different track. She began her college journey as an English education major at a large state school, but realized after her second year that neither the school nor her path of study were the right fit for her. Edmonson headed home to Palatine, Ill., where she took general education courses at a local community college while searching for a place that better fit her goals. “I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to study parks and recreation because of my work experience at a local park district,” she said.

Focusing on her studies, she set out to find the perfect place to concentrate on the major courses that would lead her to future aspirations of becoming a park district director. After a campus visit where she met with faculty and staff who walked her through the transfer process, she decided to apply to GWC. “The process was very fast and simple; all of my previous work transferred over,” Edmondson said. “I knew this was the place for me; the campus is so beautiful and right on the lake. The small community and hands-on experiences offered for GWC students is unique.”

Through her studies of parks and recreation, Edmonson continues to learn numerous subjects. “All of the professors have different backgrounds in the field, so a wide variety of topics are explored,” she said. “I have experienced a full spectrum of hands-on outdoor education as well as recreation administration, which is my focus.”

Now a senior, Edmondson reflects on her positive choices. “I came here solely to concentrate on my major, but I am so surprised at how many good friends I have made in the process,” she said. “I know these individuals will remain my friends after I graduate in May.”

“Some advice I would give to future transfer students is to keep your options open; don’t assume a small school is not for you,” she said. “You just never know until you try.”

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