Finals week inspires good study habits

 Study Habits

As the semester end approaches, GWC students are preparing for final exams. To help student pass with flying colors, GWC faculty and staff offer advice on effective study habits and time management. Good luck, students, we’re rooting for you!

Don’t procrastinate

We’ve all done it. You have that exam looming, but first you feel the need to organize your closet. Remember, there are no encore performances to final exams, so color-coding your shirts can wait until next week. Begin by creating a study schedule for each test or class to organize you. Some exams will be tougher than others; schedule those extra few hours for the one that will be the most challenging. Review your notes and readings after class or before the end of the day. Create a study guide for each exam whether it is on flash cards or on your laptop. Continue to go over the guide until you know it back and forth, and when you think you have it comprehended, read through it one more time.

Work in the right place

Find a quiet place to study away from outside distractions and incessant noise that is also large enough to spread out your books and notes. Grab your favorite GWC sweatshirt and work in comfy clothes that make you feel good. Free yourself from personal distractions such as television, video games or your smartphone. Remember, you can tweet about finals once they are over @GWCofAuroraU.

Get creative

Take a different approach to studying and memorization by being imaginative. Create acronyms to remember names or how processes work just like you do while texting. Use the linking story method where you create an anecdote that includes the words to help you remember them better. Employ the context-dependent memory method and study for the same subject in the same place (Remember when you lost something as a kid and your parents told you to go back to the last place you remember having it? Exactly.) Or make up a poem or song to remember key dates or events. “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

Make use of GWC resources

GWC is committed to providing the best means available for academic success from resources to personal attention. Visit the Learning Commons in Meyer Hall where you can receive writing assistance, tutoring or library services. With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio at GWC, getting to know the professors is also a plus. Take advantage of their office hours; don’t be afraid to ask them for help by reaching out to them via phone or email.

Study with a partner or in groups

Studying alone does help you focus, but going over notes with classmates can be helpful. Create study groups of three to six people and meet on or off campus in a place free of distractions where you can discuss and review materials. Sometimes a friend can offer an explanation to a question or topic you have been struggling on. Quiz each other on information and make it fun; a little competition isn’t a bad thing.

Make time for rest and relaxation

When planning a study schedule, students often forget one of the most important things-booking time for themselves. Getting eight hours of sleep and eating three balanced meals a day will do wonders to fuel your body, retaining the energy you need to study. Keep the momentum going by getting a workout in or going for a quick walk down by Geneva Lake. Physical activity reduces stress and clears your mind allowing for more effective comprehension. Take short study breaks; you won’t believe what 10 minutes of fresh air or a snack will do for you. And if you need a longer break, visit the College Inn at 9 p.m. on Thursday, December 5, to have some “Brinner.” There’s nothing better than having some pancakes for dinner!