Achieving a healthy school-life balance


As the spring semester begins and the rush of 2014 resolutions come flooding in, students seek to accomplish the goal of a healthy lifestyle that promotes a school-life balance. Often a juggling act, the balance between studies, exercise, eating right and personal life is easily achieved by taking advantage of what GWC has to offer.

Location, location, location. One great benefit of being a student at GWC is the beautiful campus located on the shores of Geneva Lake. The peaceful setting is ideal for reflection and outdoor activities to stay fit. The Geneva Lake Shore Path is the ultimate walking tour, a 21-mile trail that provides hikers or runners with unprecedented views of some of the most beautiful landscapes and homes in the area. In the spring, students can take advantage of lake sports including swimming, kayaking, fishing and stand-up paddle boarding. Numerous hiking and biking trails are also located close to campus, good for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter.

Students also can take advantage of frequent on- and off-campus activities planned through the Office of Student Life, such as a trip to ski and snowboard park Tyrol Basin on January 25. The school calendar lists numerous physical events every week from open gym times in the Seabury Room to intramural sports, including volleyball, soccer and bowling. Other fun and relaxing interests include game nights, special dinners, social events, crafting and volunteer projects. Joining clubs including chamber music, chess, equestrian, fishing, long-distance running, sailing and tennis is another way to reduce the stress of the day.

“Between class, work, and personal matters, life gets a bit hectic. It is important for students to find time for themselves,” said Residence Hall Director Nathan Wagar.  

GWC believes in learning by doing and offers students interactive lab classes during the fall semester. In these courses students are given the opportunity to try something new, such as sailing and rock climbing. Since classes meet once a week, many students find it easy to fit them into their major coursework schedule.

Making time to eat balanced meals is also crucial in remaining healthy, and GWC strives to provide a variety of options and flexible meal plans for students. Located in the Beasley Campus Center, the recently-renovated cafeteria offers multiple dining areas overlooking the lake, including an outdoor patio. In addition to the weekly menu, students have the option of selecting fresh fruits and vegetables at the salad bar. The College Inn is another dining option and gathering spot for students to grab sandwich and study, play games or just relax.

As a tight-knit campus community, GWC faculty and staff are committed to assisting students with their studies and beyond. Many academic services are provided through The Learning Commons, located in Meyer Hall, which offers free resources including library services, tutoring and writing assistance. Academic advisement and career services are also available through the Registrar’s Office, located in the Winston Paul Education Center.