Coursework begins in human ecology

human ecology

This fall, GWC students will start coursework in human ecology, a new major that focuses on the way humans interact with society and their environments. The curriculum takes a holistic approach and spreads across a number of disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology, sustainability and literature. The major allows students to critically evaluate the relationships between humans and their social, cultural and environmental contexts in order to address issues and solve problems from multiple points of view.

“What makes human ecology different than other majors is that it's very interdisciplinary,” said chair of writing and English Meredith Harvey. “The small environment at GWC and the close-knit faculty members have really collaborated in putting together the program that pulls from different majors and fields.”

As divergent thinkers, students will be equipped to tackle challenges in multiple career industries from sustainable management solutions to community programming, as well as be prepared to enter many fields of graduate studies. The degree will also prepare students to be effective problem solvers in the changing needs of individuals, families, communities, consumers and the environment. Students can apply their learned skill sets in such fields as business, family studies, health care, human resources, law, not-for-profit and more.

“The ability to look at issues from different perspectives will be encouraged in the classroom and hopefully that skill will transfer to problem solving beyond college, as graduates pursue their careers.”

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