Kiaya Kowalski


Kiaya Kowalski, '15

Coming from a community college, the transition to George Williams College has been intense, but in a good way. GWC has come at me full force with classes in my major. I'm learning skills that I am confident I will use in the future. I'm gaining real-life training rather than just trying to get an 'A.' I can honestly say that I've never gone through so many books at once, and this is the most reading and writing I've done in my life!

GWC is more than the classes, though. There is such an emphasis on character building and leadership skills, and there is so much encouragement for students to act a little out-of-the-box. I have to give a minimum of 100 percent to really feel like I'm living up to the potential that I feel my teachers see in me. At GWC, I've learned to expect more of myself.