Students engage in Lunch and Learn series

At GWC, students live their education through coursework, field work and projects beyond their class schedules. Through a series of learning sessions, introduced by professors Christine Roberts and Christopher Wells, students are now engaging with their peers through inspirational weekly gatherings held during lunchtime. 

During the Lunch and Learn programs, students bring their lunch and connect through discussions with classmates and faculty members on creative ideas, world issues and innovative projects. These sessions, which are open to all GWC students, provide a unique opportunity for undergraduates to explore inventive endeavors, and discover what matters.

“I want GWC students to have informal conversations on a regular basis with the hope that by setting aside an hour each week, the campus community would develop the habit of getting together to share interesting ideas,” said Chair and Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation Christopher Wells. “Our students have lots of great ideas and experiences to share, and they should have a forum for doing so.”

At every Wednesday session a topic is selected in advance and presented by either a faculty member or a student. Students can present alone or work in pairs or groups to lead a session. Topic explored this year include the journey of eXXpedition, an all-female scientific research voyage; participation in Classroom Under the Sea, a virtual marine ecology undersea course; the legacy of explorer Jacques Cousteau and his grandson Fabien Cousteau, who presents a free lecture at GWC on April 19; product safety testing standards in the US and Europe; cleaning up the Mississippi River with Living, Lands & Waters over spring break; conservationist and marine life artist, Wyland; an introduction to fishing in Geneva Lake and more.

“I think it’s impressive that students take time outside of their normal class assignments to put together presentations,” said junior Lily Meyer-Volinek. “There’s less pressure than what we might present in the classroom for a grade. Lunch and Learn allows us a very special opportunity—to share what we are passionate about with others.”

Students interested in attending future Lunch and Learn series events can visit the school calendar for more information at