Do you have everything packed?


It’s time for the big move from home to George Williams College.  You’ve been counting down the days all summer. Perhaps you’ve been anticipating this change your entire high school career and now it’s time to make the move to college life, but how will you fit your belongings into one car? The good news is you can leave your outdoor grill and toaster oven at home, providing more room for your clothes, and perhaps, your skis.

Remember GWC student housing is unlike other cramped, cookie-cutter dorm rooms that are common at other colleges. The residence halls are modern lodges with private bathrooms, lake views, wireless networks and plenty of space for all your things. To assist you, we have created a packing essentials guide, and no worries, if you forget something here or there, the Geneva Lake area is full of great shops from boutiques to department stores to help you make your GWC room your new home.

For the classroom
Let’s start with the basics. Organization is the key to success for your studies. Bring writing utensils, calculator, folders, notebooks and paper. A planner or calendar will help you keep track of your schedule and assist you in planning study hours, preparing for projects or writing papers. Don’t forget a backpack or messenger bag for all of your books and supplies. A water bottle is great accessory to fill at water stations throughout the day, keeping you hydrated for your next class.

Study time
There are numerous options of places to read and do homework on campus. From your room to the Learning Commons, which provides students with advising and library resources, GWC has plenty of quiet space to concentrate. Don’t forget about the outdoors as well. Adirondack chairs are located on the Weidensall porch, at the garden area in front of the College Inn and near the beach, or you can sit on the pier. Essentials to pack for your room include stapler and staples, scissors, ruler, adhesive notes, dry erase board, desk organizer, desk lamp and a book light.  

GWC has a computer labs located in Winston Paul Educational Center and Meyer Hall, but many students also bring their own desktop or laptop computer. Wi-fi is available, but also pack an ethernet cable and surge protector. USB flash drives and an external hard drive are also helpful for saving work. Bring extension cords, power strips and chargers for your phone or tablet as well. If you’re a fan of shows or movies, bring a television.

Your room
Pack your personal belongings such as clothes (and hangers), shoes, pajamas and toiletries. Make your bed cozy with a mattress pad, sheets and a comforter in size XL twin, and don’t forget comfy pillows. A throw blanket will also come in handy for studying. An alarm clock is an essential too so you won’t be late for class. Some students bring stackable drawers to store clothes or supplies. And don’t forget a laundry basket, laundry soap and quarters.  

Good eats
The Beasley Campus Center is home to the dining hall, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and provides a great choice of meal options. The College Inn is also open daily providing students with sandwich, burger, ice cream and salad choices. For the times you are looking to have a snack in your room, feel free to pack a microwave (up to 700 watts), refrigerator (four cubic feet), coffee maker, water pitcher, plastic dinner ware, utensils, food storage, chip clips, dish soap and dish cloths.

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