Campus resources encourage success and fun


For new students and seasoned undergraduates and graduates, the campus remains a place for constant support throughout important college years. GWC is here to help students succeed in every way from studies to career services to social activities, creating a school-life balance. Here are some helpful resources to get you started. Have a great semester!

Learning Commons
Located in Meyer Hall, the Learning Commons is a great space to find academic and educational support. It serves as a hub providing students access to tutorial services, library resources, as well as computers and space for small group and independent learning. Faculty and peer tutors are available for assistance with writing and other subjects in one-on-one sessions or in small groups. The Learning Commons also works directly with Aurora University’s Phillips Library to provide students with comprehensive library resources including books, multimedia materials, periodical subscriptions and electronic catalogs. 

Academic Services
On the first floor of Winston Paul Educational Center is the Academic Services Office offering academic advising and career services. Here students can meet with advisors to discuss student accounts, class offerings, certifications and student employment.  Advisors provide support and insight students need to achieve academic success through thoughtful strategies. Students can also receive personal and classroom support as well as occupational information to assist them with professional and career goals.

With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, GWC provides a setting where professors know students by name. The faculty drives student success and provides opportunity for help and motivation throughout the year. Professors offer weekly office hours for in-person help. They can also be reached by their office phone number or email.  

Office of Student Life
The Office of Student Life provides opportunities for day, night and weekend activities on and off campus. Recreational activities include intramural sports, craft and game nights, social events and special dinners. Students can also sign up for off-campus trips to museums, sporting events, entertainment venues and other area attractions. GWC also has extracurricular clubs centered on majors and personal interests with opportunities for students to start their own.

College Inn
Are you ready for the most important meal of the day or for a late-night snack? The College Inn is a gathering spot for students to enjoy breakfast, sandwiches, salads, snacks and ice cream from morning to night during the week and on weekends.  The area is also a gathering space for groups to study, hang out or relax after a long day of class. Students can also take advantage of the foosball table, board games and X-box on a large flat screen television.

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