Students reflect during the holiday season


As the holiday season approaches, students are reminded of things they are thankful for at George Williams College. Faculty and staff are equally grateful for the energy and enthusiasm the students bring to the GWC campus. Have a safe and happy winter break!

“I am most thankful for the small classes, the one-on-one attention from the professors and to live on such a beautiful campus.”
—Berenice Alonzo, ‘16

“For all the good friends that I have made here on campus and the exceptional professors teaching my classes, I am so thankful.”
—Emma Edmondson, ‘14

“Since I am passionate about helping others, I am grateful to GWC for all the opportunities to give back to the community.”
—Isamar Barrales, ‘17

“What I am most thankful for at GWC is the close-knit community from the faculty to my classmates. I am also really energized by my professors because they are so knowledgeable on their topics. They are so excited to teach and help you understand subjects that you start to get the same kind of electrical charge because of how passionate they are. “
—Esther Sharp, ‘16

“I am most thankful for the opportunity to be in sustainability and environmental management where I can gain hands-on experience. No other school would offer me the privilege to practice field work in a newly-created school garden. GWC crosses many acres that allow us to learn on the lake, in the woods and on the prairie, so for my major it's really special to be here.”
—Justin Booker, ‘17

“I am grateful for such an encouraging environment. Everyone here wants you to succeed and all are very helpful from faculty to staff.  They are always willing to take time out of their day to help any student who has a question or needs assistance with an assignment.”
—Karolina Skerrett, ‘17

“I am most thankful for the lake view and the small classes that are offered at GWC.”
—Samantha Correa, ‘16

“At GWC I am most thankful for the opportunity to expand my horizons in a way that I couldn't find anywhere else, no matter where I looked for undergraduate work. Whether it’s through the social entrepreneurship program or the innovative ways they are taking steps towards helping the environmental management program, that passion really compelled me to attend the college. GWC takes so many pioneering paths towards places nobody else has gone before.  I am also happy to be a part of the responsible solutions club because it gives me the opportunity to be around like-minded people who are willing to go out into the community to help others improve their environmental well-being.”
 —Landon Baumgartner, ‘17

“I am grateful for the community; everyone knows your name here.”
—Payton Curtin, ‘17

“I am thankful for the beautiful campus, great instructors and all the offered financial aid assistance.”
 —Rebekah Crockett, ‘17

“I am grateful for the legacy scholarship because it doesn't just help me do better in college, it helps to take the financial stress of my education off of my family.”
—Silas Chester, ‘16