George Williams College

Campus enhancements inspire learning

Campus enhancements inspire learning

More than 130 acres of hilly terrain situated on beautiful Geneva Lake provides students with many opportunities for exploration and relaxation. From the moment one enters the George Williams College campus, a transformation occurs. And every year, the campus becomes even more impressive.

In recent months, several areas on campus have been enriched, offering students engaging environments for study, conversation, and reflection. These enhancements reflect the college’s larger commitment to preserving the GWC tradition. While the history of the campus dates back to 1884, the buildings have been continually improved and upgraded over the years.

Recent additions to the campus include the Simms Family Nursing Center within the Winston Paul Education Center. Established to train future generations in nursing, the nursing center features two sensory integration/motor sensory labs, complete with cutting-edge technology in a hands-on learning environment.

Lowrey Hall, renovated in 2016, now serves as a major academic resource center, containing classrooms, study nooks, science labs, and a hydroponics lab. It also includes the Scott Library, a bi-level space featuring fireplaces, individual and group study spaces, computers, and resource materials.

The Ingalls Building, an icon of GWC since 1925, was recently transformed into a beautiful chapel that serves as a worship space and an inviting setting for special ceremonies and contemplation. Outside of the building is the new Scripture Garden. A pergola and several benches complement the colorful blend of flowers and plants surrounding the chapel.

In another area of campus, the new Norris Courtyard offers an additional space for students to gather around a large fire pit with tiered stone seating. Plantings of native grasses and flowers grace the courtyard.

New amenities and ongoing campus improvements reflect other distinct features at GWC, including the outdoor pavilion, pier, lakeshore path, and garden. The investment in buildings and gathering spaces and the efforts to maintain a beautiful lake setting make George Williams College an ideal campus to discover what matters.