George Williams College

Campus Public Safety

Office location: Weidensall Administration

911 (emergency) Police, Fire, EMS

262-749-8320 Campus Public Safety emergency/non-emergency

262-245-8509 Office
George Williams College provides 24-hour coverage with Campus Public Safety officers

The Campus Public Safety department exists to provide a quality service derived from the expectations of our community and our own dedication to excellence. The officers apply specialized knowledge and skills in providing a caring response to the security and safety needs of our community.

GWC employs its own uniformed Campus Public Safety officers to meet the safety and security needs of the college. Members of the Campus Public Safety department patrol campus facilities and maintain a high-profile visibility. Officers perform routine checks of buildings, vehicles, and property and will often introduce themselves to campus visitors.

Safety and Security Services

At George Williams College, the safety and well being of students, guests, faculty, and staff are a top priority. A number of people are involved in this effort but a truly safe campus can only be achieved with the help and cooperation of everyone. In addition to the Campus Public Safety staff, the college maintains a close working relationship with the Williams Bay Police and Fire Departments.

The Facilities and Maintenance department also plays a key role in ensuring a safe and secure environment. This department is responsible for maintaining the college’s buildings and grounds and making routine inspections of campus facilities. Facilities and maintenance is dedicated to providing the best possible service to the college. To that end, it places highest priority on work required for the health, safety and security of its students, guests, faculty, and staff.

Active Shooter/Hostile Intruder

George Williams College follows the Run, Hide, Fight protocol in the event of an active shooter. Run, Hide, Fight provides the campus community with clear, actionable steps:

  • RUN and escape if there is a clear path
  • HIDE and shelter-in-place if you cannot escape
  • FIGHT as a last resort.

Run, Hide, Fight is the leading protocol followed across college campuses and is endorsed by both local and federal law enforcement agencies, including Department of Homeland Security.

Watch the run, hide, fight video.

Campus Safety - A Shared Responsibility

As an educational community, we expect George Williams College to provide a safe and secure environment for learning, living, and working. Creating and maintaining such an environment, however, is a shared responsibility among all members of the community. George Williams College seeks to minimize criminal opportunities and encourages students, guests and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

The Campus Public Safety Department responds to all emergencies and alarms, assists students, faculty/staff, and visitors with directions and information. Officers provide assistance for room lock-outs, makes referrals to local agencies and assistance resources, provides and distributes educational/informational materials. The department will provide presentations to campus groups, and serves as the central location for campus safety information.