George Williams College

Residence Halls

Around here, you don’t pay extra for a lakeside view. Our four residence halls are central to GWC, offering easy access to the essentials: classrooms, computer labs, dining, and recreation. 

And we don’t skimp on space. Rooms are open and airy with exposed wooden beams and a lodge-like feel. Oh, and private bathroomsSuch a set-up allows students the camaraderie of residence hall living, while also providing them with independence and room to spread out.

Room Dimensions

Undergraduates enjoy triple, double, and single rooms, as well as large public spaces for gathering in Oak, Hickory, Winston Paul, and Emery Residence Halls. All residence halls include:

  • Ethernet and wireless Internet.
  • Televisions and DVD hook-ups in the lounges.
  • Extra long twin beds, dressers and desks for each student resident.
  • Adjacent laundry facilities and parking.
  • Security.

Oak and Hickory Halls

Residence Halls

Residence Halls
Residence Halls






Winston Paul Hall

Winston Paul

Winston Paul Room
Emery Bathroom






Emery Hall


Emery Room
Emery Bathroom

Residential life at George Williams College provides more than just a place to hang your hat. You will also:

  • Chat with friends around many bonfires by the lake.
  • Trade in your bed for a tent, and camp out with your roommates.
  • Participate in leadership, diversity awareness, and other team-building and educational events.
  • Volunteer with your residence hall in the local community.