George Williams College

Student Activities

Student Activities

Life beyond the classroom

At George Williams College, learning and leading take place beyond the classroom. Through student organizations, opportunities for service, residence life, and lake activities, you'll find experiences that help you explore your passions, prepare for your future and find adventure along the way. 

Not sure what you want to do beyond your studies? We’ll help you make connections based on your interests, or introduce you to something new and exciting.


  • Join clubs centered around your major or personal interests with opportunities to start your own club.
  • Attend activities, including intramural sports, game nights, special dinners, and social events.
  • Sign-up for trips to museums, sporting events, entertainment venues, and other area attractions.
  • Take part in numerous volunteer opportunities each semester and give back to the community.
  • Work at GWC to gain valuable real-world experience.